What Makes Us More Than a Company

Our passion for making a difference fuels us constantly

Our Story

SynPet is the masterpiece of a team committed to solving the pollution problem by creating products that contribute to the sustainability of the environment and society.

R&D studies

As a result of the R&D studies we started 10 years ago, we created the Thermal Conversion Process, our unique technology that reshapes the dynamics of waste management.



Our laboratory, which enables us to carry out advanced research and development studies, was established in 2014.


Pilot Plant

Our pilot plant, which allows us to see the technology we have developed in waste management technologies in action, became operational in 2018.

Today, SynPet successfully recycles all carbon-containing wastes into high-quality useful products and creates a circular economy from end-of-life plastics with its technological infrastructure that it has resolutely strengthened over the years.

Our Mission

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    Uncontrollable waste pollution is a major global issue that threatens the sustainability of our environment and society.

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    Existing technologies in waste management are both inefficient and significantly increase the emission of toxic and harmful gasses released into the atmosphere.

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    Our mission is to create a unique revolution in waste management that shapes a circular economy by producing cost-effective and valuable outputs, just as our society needs.

"Waste management is a major global issue, and tackling this issue to create a sustainable future is our goal."
SynPet Technologies

Our Values

At SynPet, our values ​​help us create a strong culture and guide us in taking action on any issue.
Our values ​​are force that connects us and brings us closer, pushing us forward as a company.