Creating Brand New
Waste Cycles

We recycle waste that cannot be recycled with
ordinary methods into valuable products.

Non-recyclable waste is one of the biggest
threats to society and the environment.

Unfortunately, current technologies cannot produce an effective and cost-efficient solution to solve this problem.
We felt the need for a revolution and aimed beyond the impossible. With our advanced technology, we recycle all carbon-containing waste into valuable products, including those that current methods cannot.


A Unique Technology

The key to our miracle is the Thermal Conversion Process (TCP), our technology that uses water and requires no waste pretreatment, distinguishing it from existing technologies.


A Sustainable Future

By reducing the amount of waste sent to incinerators and landfills, we protect fossil fuels from depletion and minimize environmental pollution.


A Brand New Economic Model

We create a circular economic model as it is able to recycle all plastic waste, including the toughest ones, to produce quality intermediates ready for petrochemical industry use.


A Self-Sustainable Ecosystem

Since we fuel our recycling processes with our own outputs, we do not use any external energy resources.

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    SynPet can Recycle 100% of Plastic

    SynPet can recycle 100% of plastic waste without leaving a trace.

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    SynPet Reduces Fossil Fuel Use

    SynPet reduces fossil fuel use significantly with it’s yearly naphtha production.

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    SynPet Saves Tons of CO2

    SynPet helps saving considerable amount of CO2 emissions yearly.

Circular Economy

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    In today's dynamics, non-recyclable plastic waste is sent to incinerators or landfills.

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    As a result, new plastics are being produced to meet the demand, which poses a major threat to environmental sustainability.

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    At SynPet, we replace the missing chain of the plastic cycle with our revolutionary technology.

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    All plastic waste can now be reintegrated into the plastic lifecycle, including those that have never been recycled, such as shredder residues.


Waste to Renewable

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    It's possible to create a sustainable future and reduce our dependence on depleting natural resources by turning waste into valuable products.

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    Our technology recycles all carbon-containing waste into five eco-friendly products of the highest quality.

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    Renewable Crude Oil / Renewable Natural Gas / Liquid Fertilizer / BioChar / Electricity


Thermal Conversion Process

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    Conventional technologies, such as pyrolysis or gasification, can only process certain types of plastic waste and require them to be very clean, separated, and dried.

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    Our unique technology combines many different techniques in one body to recycle all waste without pretreatment, including those that are considered non-recyclable.

Our Strategic Collaborators

Government Agencies


Global urbanization results in an increasing amount of diversified waste that cannot be fully recycled.

Collaborating with SynPet for waste management, government agencies can create greener and cleaner cities.

Petrochemical, Packaging, and Consumer Goods Industries


SynPet's business model gives companies from various industries the opportunity to produce the same quality output more cost-effectively while contributing to a sustainable future.