SynPet Laboratory


Our laboratory is established within the scope of MARGE Araştırma – Geliştirme A.S. on September 2014. It is equipped with the latest laboratory analysis equipment and process devices.

Rapid Growth

Trials and analysis are made recently for the current TCP R&D work and we proceed on the optimization work of results.

In accordance with needs increasing day by day, our number of equipment and personnel increases, and we increase rapidly in size. We take firm steps forward thanks to the support received by KOSGEB (small and medium industry development organization) and TÜBİTAK

Devices Used

• TCP Process Device
• Refrigerated Centrifuge
• Kinematic Viscosimetre
• Drying Oven
• Ash Oven
• Refrigerated Water Bath
• Copper Corrosion Bath
• Moisture Meter
• Density Meter
• Digital pH Meter
• Distillation Unit
• Analytical Scale
• Water Purification Device