Sharing common values in a community helps create a strong culture. Corporate culture is placed among the leading factors determining the success of companies, enabling them to be distinguished between its counterparts.

Within the structure of our company, some values shaping our behaviours and decisions are kept at the forefront. These values lead us along the right path in terms of decising-making in any matter or taking action. When we come up with multiple alternatives regarding our work, we determine which one is in parallel with company values, thereby we can find the right alternative. Our values are considered a strength that allows us to interconnect and makes us closer as a company.

Togetherness and Excitement

Any work executed will never be considered as a one-man job. This means teamwork formed by the cooperation of people focusing on the same objective and respecting each other’s individual efforts, everyone is important to us.

The Desire to Practice Continuous Innovation

Nothing is stable in life, apart from change. We all work with the desire to create change.


Today’s economic and competitive conditions require being rapid and agile in order to provide long-lasting development. We give particular importance to rapidity and agility without renouncing quality of our decisions and actions

Desire to Take and Give Responsibility

Our employees do not consider taking and giving responsibilities as milestones. This is a privilege and duty for us.

Westrive not to avoid making a mistakes, but not repeating the same mistake, acting in accordance with company regulations and rules must be our primary objective.